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Full Name of the Campus Leader Who Encouraged You to Write This Internship Experience

Shivi Sharma

Full Name, Name of the College, and Year of Study of the Person Writing the Internship Experience

  • Name:¬†Aryaman Anand
  • Name of the College:¬†Amity University, Haryana
  • Year of Study: 5th Year (B. Tech – M. Tech Integrated Course)

Name of the Organization of the Internship and its Full Address

Guby Rogers, C-934, Sushant Lok Phase I, Gurugram, Haryana 122009

Duration of the Internship

January 10, 2021 to April 10, 2021

How Did You Apply?

I applied with the help of my classmate in an in-person meeting with my supervisor.

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

I was introduced to the founder, Daksh Sethi by a classmate. I was made aware of my responsibilities on day one and I was introduced to the community that I was required to manage. Overall, the experience was great, and exciting as this was my first community management internship.

Main Tasks

I was tasked with managing the community server. My job was to set up chatbots, make them interactive, set up community events and sometimes make announcements. We had brainstorming sessions which I fondly remember. We constantly tried to come up with new and innovative ideas to get more participation from the community and actively receive feedback and survey results on a regular basis.

Work Environment

As the internship was fully work from home, I didn’t get to directly interact with a lot of people. Nonetheless, I participated in a lot of meetings and the environment was very welcoming and warm. The other interns were very enthusiastic and talented.

Good Things

I gained a lot of experience in managing a community. I learned how to engage large groups of people in various activities. I also learned how to get more interaction out of a community. My time management skills also got enhanced and I learnt to balance them impressively with my technical skills which helped me a lot later on.

Bad Things

Sometimes I felt that the frequency of meetings was too much and I was the only person that was managing the community server. It used to make me tired at times.


No stipend.

How Did You Manage the Accommodation With Commuting to the Office?

It was a work from home setup.

Other Details

In my free time I enjoyed interacting with the community. I learned a lot of new things chatting with the various people from the community. It was a great learning experience where the work environment was very chilled out.

I fondly remember learning about various authors, online journals, innovative websites and many other things. We had separate channels for discussion of the stock market, for recreational activities as well. We also had set up an automatic chatbot that could quiz users on various topics, like geography and history.

I met many motivated and innovative youngsters, many of whom had great ideas and rich skill sets. The server had a few dozen active members during its peak.

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